Wednesday, June 14, 2006

thoughts on the new ecw

hey this is all new to me so bear with me while i get the hang of this. i won't be posting often but when i do the topics will range from muisc, sports, movies, politics and pro rasslin'.

now that's out of the way i wanna go off on the handling of the new ECW last night. now in all fairness i am a huge ECW fan and that crap Vince and company but on Sci-Fi last night just ticked me off.

A zombie? A vampire? A stripper? Ok the stripper i can handle, but the other two were just dumb. yeah i get its sci-fi and all that but come on this is ec'fn'w.

the other thing is the crossover nonsense. i don't wanna see john cena on wwe tv much less on ecw. and the whole edge this was worthless on the ppv much less on tv, but this was my biggest fear when Vince said he was bringing ecw back. the fact is if he didn't create it he will never let it work. all you gotta do is look at his history, the wcw invaison thing should have been a slam dunk but no he wouldn't let his guys lose. if this keeps up he will kill ecw once and for all.